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Maintenance Tracking/ Dec 9, 2019 ()

Maintenance Tracking Items: "What-If" Scenarios

We're excited to introduce "what-if" scenarios for your maintenance tracking items! Now you can calculate what-if scenarios that give you a complete picture of what your aircraft’s maintenance status will look like if you flew X hours and/or X cycles over X days. In other words, thinking of taking your aircraft for a family vacation? Well, with PLANELOGIX, you will be able to see the whole picture, including what parts of your aircraft will need attention during and after the trip.

To calculate scenarios, simply enter in the situation you wish to calculate. For instance, maybe you plan to go on a family vacation with your aircraft and anticipate flying 10 hours over 2 weeks. Further, you expect to use 5 engine and landing gear cycles. In a scenario like this, you would set up your inputs as follows:

Then after you hit Calculate, the system will return back all of the tracking items and their new due statuses after flying your aircraft in the manner you just indicated. Pretty cool, right? We thought so.

You have enough to think about when it comes to flying your aircraft. Let us help you handle the maintenance tracking!