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New Improvements/ Jan 29, 2021 ()

Translations and Equipment Lists

2 big features in 1 month

We are excited to introduce work description translation and Equipment Lists for our loyal and passionate customer base!


Leveraging Amazon's machine learning technology, we now make it so you can translate the typed work description of your maintenance entry into 72 different languages!

The resulting translation is clearly shown and even preserves your formatting!

Equipment Lists

Our Equipment List feature is a logical extension of our powerful tracking items module and coincides with an owner/operator's occasional need to quickly access a list of primary equipment installed on their aircraft, without having to dig through dozens, or possibly hundreds, of tracking items.

Equipment Lists serve a valuable purpose for owners and operators of all makes and models and allow you to quickly sort and organize logbook specific components. Your aircraft's equipment list, for example, may include items like:

  • Avionics
  • Fuel Bladders
  • Oxygen System Components

Bug Squashing 🥾🐞

We are constantly tweaking and improving our product. We cleared out 58 bugs for the month of January.

We're just getting started here in 2021. Join us and take control over your aircraft maintenance and records.