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PLANELOGIX is excited to announce the release of its brand new Web App. Implementing feedback from customers over the first few years of operations, and working with Part 145 maintenance shops, Will Goldstein and Rob Wilkes, co-founders of PLANELOGIX, re-built the entire platform from the ground up.

"Customer uptake in our first version indicated to us that we were onto something big. Listening to our customers and hearing what they wanted out of a system helped us understand what we needed to do to make this new version live up to the potential of the first." – Will Goldstein, Co-Founder

PLANELOGIX’s new maintenance tracking system is significantly more powerful, intuitive, extensible, and capable than the previous iteration. It is designed to work for smaller operators who fly for the love and joy of it, all the way up to jets operating on a Part 135 certificate. The system even recognizes your exact make and model of your airframe, engine(s) and propeller(s) (if applicable) to provide a suggested list of ADs and SBs that you can track and mark as partially complied with (PCW) or does not apply (DNA). When you track an item (and it can be any item from within the system or a custom one of your choosing), you can set custom warning intervals. For instance, maybe you like doing oil changes every 35 hours, but only want to be made aware of their impending due time when they are within 5 hours of coming due. You can even calculate “what if” scenarios that give you a complete picture of what your aircraft’s maintenance status will look like if you flew X hours and/or X cycles over X days. In other words, thinking of taking your aircraft for a family vacation? Well, with PLANELOGIX, you will be able to see the whole picture, including what parts of your aircraft will need attention during and after the trip.

“Maintenance tracking is a crucially important part of flying safely and reducing ownership stress. The recent addition of a maintenance tracking module to our digital maintenance record ecosystem was a natural fit. The maintenance tracking module, like our digitization tools, can be used free of charge by owners and operators. We are looking forward to continuously enhancing this module over time to provide a cost-effective, and highly competitive, platform available for the masses.” – Rob Wilkes, Co-Founder and former Cirrus SR-20 owner

Image 1: PLANELOGIX Maintenance Tracking

Image 2: PLANELOGIX Suggested ADs and SBs

The new system allows you to also track the times on your components like never before. On each flight, you can enter in Tach, TTAF, Hobbs, Heater Hobbs OUT/IN values. You can also track landings and the number of cycles on virtually any component that would require cycle tracking (even your air conditioner). The system intelligently matches your times and cycles to your tracking items so that you never miss an inspection or part replacement/overhaul. This means you can track an item on any combination of times, cycles, and calendar days.

Image 3: PLANELOGIX Component HSI and TBO Engine Times

Building on our core strength of converting paper logbooks to digital format, users can use e-signatures to digitally sign new maintenance records, or users can upload an image of an older entry with a signature. Making new entries is incredibly easy thanks to forms designed to guide you through the process. We introduced new styling capabilities, allowing for bullets, numbering, indentations, coloring, and more. There are even templates now that allow you to structure your maintenance entries using the standard Work Description format, Action Only List, or Discrepancy/Action Taken.

Image 4: PLANELOGIX Discrepancy/Action List Maintenance Entry Format

Image 5: PLANELOGIX Standard Maintenance Entry Format

Of course, digital maintenance records are most powerful when you can instantly search through your many years of maintenance history to find that one entry you need, saving your mechanic time, which saves you money:

Image 5: PLANELOGIX Standard Maintenance Entry Format

Another massive time saving feature of the system is the Document Browser. This allows mechanics and operators to instantly find any document associated with the aircraft, simply by searching for the name or attributes (like metatags):

Image 5: PLANELOGIX Standard Maintenance Entry Format

There are other features too, such as granting read only or full access to guest users, co-owners, and/or mechanics. Pricing starts at completely free for basic aircraft needs, and for just $129.95 per year per plane, you can track everything on your aircraft like the pros.

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