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GEICO Skytypers' Maintenance Runs on PlaneLogiX

We're proud to announce our first major sponsorship! The GEICO Skytypers Airshow Team uses our platform to track the maintenance for all six of their tails as they perform at 15 air shows each season. The team has frequent ramp checks by the FAA. Our system keeps their maintenance tasks organized and also speeds up the time required for checks.

The GEICO Skytyper team flies six, 1940s era war birds known as the North American SNJ.

Content from the GEICO Skytypers site,

The GEICO Skytypers fly the SNJ-2 version of the aircraft. This model has an enlarged 180 gallon fuel tank allowing the aircraft to operate for more than four hours. Other unique design elements of this particular aircraft include: a decrease of eight inches in the overall length, a larger round rudder, and a free-castering tail wheel. Each plane weighs 5500 pounds and utilizes a 600hp Pratt and Whitney R-1340-AN-1, 9 cylinder radial engine.

They have five United States Navy variants known as the SNJ-2, and 1 SNJ-3. The SNJ-3 differentiates itself from the SNJ-2 with "new outer wing panels and a triangular rudder, producing the canonical Texan silhouette." (source)

How are they using PlaneLogiX?

PlaneLogiX offers powerful features that suit the needs of the GEICO Skytyper team perfectly.

Ongoing tasks include:

  • Scanning records to allow for retrieval of this information from any location – with 15 different show sites, this is a significant priority
  • Capability to fully search records to allow for faster maintenance cycles
  • The ability to respond and satisfy the requirements of an FAA ramp check within seconds, without the need for original, physical logbooks

PlaneLogiX features the team will use to improve efficiency and operations includes:

  • Full-fledged Maintenance Shop portal that syncs seamlessly with our client portal
    • This allows for complete shop management including squawk, inventory, employee management, client management, work order generation, discrepancy resolution, parts and inspection tracking, maintenance record generation, and much more
  • Alerts and reminders for inspection deadlines and life-limited parts
  • Quick airworthy research for the pilots
  • Squawk generation and tracking

Have you been wondering if PlaneLogiX is ready for you?

Our platform provides the sophistication and reliability required by the GEICO Skytypers Air Show Team to maintain proper operations and adherence to FAA standards. PlaneLogiX has come a long way since launching operations in 2014. Meeting the stringent demands and requirements of an air show team highlights the vast options offered through our organization. With our free tier, you can try the system first hand and determine how your maintenance needs can be simplified and better managed.