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Partnerships/ Jan 24, 2020 ()

PLANELOGIX Executive Referral Program

We are excited to introduce our PLANELOGIX Executive Referral Program!

Available to anyone who is around airplanes, this partnership program is intended to set up a referral program for FBOs, maintenance facilities, and entrepreneurial individuals with connections in aviation. You get to benefit by earning some income on the side by referring customers to us, and people you refer benefit by having their valuable logbooks backed up and their maintenance data made more useful.

How it works

Getting started is super easy! We have a few different plans available to you. You can chose the free plan where we send you brochures and training documentation and then you are on your own to drum up sales, or you can pick one of our paid plans where we give you live training and additional marketing materials to help attract more customers.

{success}Head over to our referrals page to sign up and get started!

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