Overview Editing, Adding, and Removing Aircraft


The system lets you have as many aircraft as you can muster to own on our platform. To view all of your aircraft, go to the Your Aircraft on the left-hand side menu bar.


Once you have arrived at the Your Aircraft page as described above, you can edit a variety of attributes about your aircraft. The area that requires the most explanation is Logbooks.


They say the two happiest days of an aircraft owner's life is the day he or she buys the aircraft and the day he or she sells it. We don't necessarily agree, especially if you're using PLANELOGIX! Still, the day will come where it's time to part with your bird. To do so, simply go to Settings then Aircraft on the left hand side:

From there, click the leave icon which will then prompt you, asking if you really want to leave:

You will then see a message under System Notes that looks something like:

That's it! We will reach out to see if we can help the new owner and make sure that tail is no longer associated with your account.

{info} Remember! There's a free plan you can downgrade to if the reason you're leaving your tail is because of cost.

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