Fleet Wide Tracking Items 🛩️🛩️🛩️

You did the work of inputting all of your tracking items for each tail, now let us do the work of combining it all in a single place. Simply click the Toggle Fleet Wide Tracking Items at the top of the page:

This will show you every tracking item in the Tracking Items module you are familiar with. You can do almost all of the same sorting, filtering, and searching. This time, each tracking item also denotes which tail it belongs to.

Structure and Layout

Below the button described above, you will notice an iteration of all of your tails. Each tail gets our easy to understand tracking items counters (where items are color coded), Aircraft Information (where you can update times and cycles), and Transcription Project Status. Here's an example:

Updating Times

You can use this view to quickly and easily update the times for all your aircraft in one place. The Aircraft Information module you are familiar from the home page, and that looks like this...

...will allow you to override your current times with your new flight times, without the need for a maintenance entry.

{info} Note: you will want to refresh the page after updating your times.

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