Key Features

Existing Feature Overview

{info.fa-book} Digital Maintenance Records

  • You can convert paper to digital by uploading an image of the original and transcribing the contents
  • You or your mechanic can electronically sign new maintenance records, negating the need to maintain paper equivalents
  • We built our system to adhere to FAA AC 120.78

{info.fa-cog} Maintenance Tracking (Tracking Items)

  • Automatic AD and SB linking
  • Track recurring items, whether they be parts or inspections
  • Track the item using any combination of:
    • times (TTAF, Hobbs, Tach, Heater Hobbs, etc)
    • calendar times (days, months, years)
    • or cycles (landing, engine, bucket loads, etc)
  • Define your own Warning Intervals (low, medium, high) and Exceedance Allowances for coming due or past due items
  • Track one-time parts or inspections that do not need any recurring action for easy historical reference (i.e. AD Compliance Report)
  • Run What-If Scenario Calculations to easily determine what will be due if you fly a set number of hours, days, or cycles
  • Conveniently add parts from Aircraft Spruce with links to buy the part as needed! Choose from one-off additions or bulk additions using templates for your make/model

{info.fa-bullhorn} Squawks

  • Create and share squawks with anyone - even mechanics who don't have an account yet
  • You and those you share with can easily share photos, videos, and other details about your squawk
  • Message back and forth within the squawk
  • Add parts from Aircraft Spruce to buy for the squawk

{info.fa-dollar-sign} Aircraft Listings

  • With just one click, list your aircraft for free on our listings page
  • The listing allows for people to instantly login as a guest user with read-only access, allowing them to do a pre-buy on your aircraft like never before
  • By far the most professional and advanced aircraft listing in existence. Where else is everything about your aircraft instantly available to potential buyers?

{info.fa-clock} Time-Cycle Log

  • Track times in ways that make sense! On each flight, simply enter the time in and out
  • Accepts various time methods such as TTAF, Hobbs, Tach, and Heater Hobbs
  • For each flight, optionally enter in new cycle values. Many options exists such as
    • Landing
    • Engine
    • APU
    • And more...
  • The system will automatically update your tracking items due times and cycles based on your inputs

{info.fa-calendar-alt} Scheduler

  • Schedule flights, ground work, and maintenance for all of your aircraft
  • Assign as many users to an event as you need. Have a fleet with multiple pilots? Track which pilots are scheduled to fly which aircraft!
  • Use the Tracking Item Scenarios feature to instantly determine if a scheduled event will cause maintenance items to be due
  • Easily sort by tail, users (or pilots), event types, and more
  • Seemlessly switch between any timezone in the world

{info.fa-plane} Fleet View

  • One view to rule them all
  • Imagine one screen where you can instantly see the maintenance status of your entire fleet. Instantly understand how many and which items are due/coming due across all tails
  • Wondering if that new SB or AD is complied with on your fleet, and which tails need attention? Search for it and know instantly
  • Easily update all aircraft times in one place

{info.fa-book} Executive Binder

  • Optionally, you may purchase our Executive Binder. This is much more than just a print out of your records. It has...
    • Custom metal nameplate identifying your Tail, Year of Manufacture, Make, Model, and Serial Number
    • Custom tabular organization designed for your type of aircraft (single, twin, piston, turbo-prop)
    • Mylar reinforced plastic edges on each sheet of paper ensures you won't be losing any pages
    • Everything will have a home, so 8130s, 337s, STCs, yellow tags, maintenance records, and more are easily found in paper format
    • Fully functional Logbook! There are templates in each logbook section in which a mechanic can adhere stickers or even hand-write directly on the paper
    • Up to date with the cloud! If you are on a Pro or higher plan with us, we will ensure your binder stays in synch with the cloud. Simply get in the habit of emailing us or uploading every new piece of documentation you get from your maintenance shop and we will do the rest! Receive easy to apply paper updates yearly or monthly, depending on your plan.

{info.fa-file} Document Viewer

  • Find any document you uploaded to our system in seconds!
  • Handy filters like document type, who made it (you or a maintenace shop on our platform), and a smart search allowing you to find those harder to find records

{info.fa-plane} Multiple Aircraft and Users

  • Easily add aircraft to your account and manage them all from one login
  • Add and remove users as you need them, and grant them roles as appropriate (read-only, mechanic, etc)

{info.fa-share-alt} Concierge or DIY

  • Enjoy doing things yourself? We provide you all the tools we have at our disposal, making it possible for you to digitize your own aircraft records. You can learn a lot about your airplane doing this!
  • Want a little help? We can step in from the beginning, in the middle, or at the end to get your records digitized fast, professionally, and with no effort from you.

{info.fa-file-invoice-dollar} Easily Adjustable Billing Plans

  • We understand that maintenance and flight hours can be unpredictable year to year. That's why we allow you to adjust your plan any time.
  • Time to sell your airplane? Aircrafts with PLANELOGIX transfer to the new owner, just like the original logbooks.
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