There's very little that's required before you can make a listing. In fact, the only thing you need is an account! However, the more you give the system, the better and more complete your listing will look. With that said, here are the minimum requirements for a listing that looks full and complete in the traditional sense:

{primary.fa-list} Optional

  • Seller Name
  • Price
  • Seller Phone
  • Seller Email (defaults to owner email if not set - don't worry, neither is displayed)
  • Location
  • Description
  • Photos (the more the better!)

And here's what you can do to make your listing more PLANELOGIX-esque:

{success.fa-fighter-jet} Next Level Listings

  • Add avionics and other "primary" equipment to your tracking items and set them as `piramry equipment` (see this section on Tracking Items for more)
  • Add all of your logbooks to your aircraft (see this section on creating logbooks for more)
  • Using the Time Log, make sure your component times are all up to date

Example Listing

Here's what an ideal listing might look like:

Create and Share

From your aircraft settings page, all you need to do is click Generate:

The system will then present you with two lines you can copy and share anywhere. The first is a plain-text english version of what you might put in your listing on other websites. It will include a link to the listing on our public listings page. The second is just the link to the listing on our public listings page. When a user requests access to view your tail from that page, we will review them and email them a link that instantly log them in as a visitor with read only access to your tail, without the need for an account or password! We call it a magic link. 🧙️✨

Automatic Emails

On our public listings page, there will be a Contact method whereby potential buyers can reach out to you. When they do so, you will receive an email from our system that looks like this:

We do this to protect your email from bots/spam. If you choose to provide your phone number, however, it will be shown publicly. Feel free to let us know if you think this should be hidden too using our feedback module at the top of this page: Feedback about this page?

Remove Your Listing

In order to remove your listing, all you have to do is revoke/delete the Guest account that was automatically generated by the system. To do this, go to the aircraft settings page and click the red trashcan icon for Guest. All of your original listing information will still be stored if you decide to list it again, at which point, just click Generate as described in the Creating and Sharing section above. No work will be lost!

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