Creating Events

Quickly create an event by clicking on any day you want the event to be on. You can then adjust the information about the event, such as the start day, end day, whether or not it is an all day event (if not, you can enter in start and end times), assigned users, squawks, tracking items, desciption, and notes.

{success} You can also run scenarios to estimate what tracking items will become due if your event transpires. The system will autmotically update your days for the scenario based on a difference between today's date and the end date of your event. In the example above, the "today's" date was 2/11/2020, so the Days automatically updated to 4. Feel free to adjust as needed.


There are four different views available to you in our scheduler; month, week, day, and list. You can access them by toggling the options towards the top right of the scheduler:


You are able to filter your events by tails, assigned users, event types or a search query. Use the filters at the top of the page to only show events that match the selected filters:

Time Zones

You can change to any of the 590+ timezones you want, but by default the scheduler will attempt to load your current timezone. Once you change, all the times are updated accordingly. If you make an event in that timezone, it will appear correctly in all other timezones. This is great if you are working with people in other areas of the world.

Here's US East Coast time:

And here are the same events in US West Coast time:

{info} When you change time zones, create and edit event times as per the time in that zone. Do not try to do any time zone adjustments yourself - let the server do the heavy lifting! In other words, if you are in the US East and you want to make an event at 9:30 am Pacific time for someone in the US West, just change your timezone to America/Los_Angeles and enter 9:30 am for that event.

Assigning Users

The set of users you can assign to an aircraft event will depend on the the aircraft for which you are making an event. Each aircraft you have may have a different plan, and therefore a different set of allowed number of users. You must invite users to your aircraft (and they must accept the invitation) before you can assign them to the event for that aircraft.

Notifying Users

When you create or edit an event, you can optionally notify assigned users of the creation or change by checking this box (note: it will read slightly differently on edit):

Doing so will send them an email with the event details and a link to go check out the event on the scheduler page, add to their Google calendar, iCalendar, or Outlook. Here's an example of the email they will receive:

Email Alerts for Assigned Users

When you create or edit an event, you can optionally assign email alert intervals for all assigned users:

Doing so will send an email out to each user when the event is within each selected frequency. So, if you select the same as the above image, the users will be reminded via email of the event 3 times. Here's an example of the email they will receive:

Assigning Squawks

The set of squawks you can assign to an aircraft event will depend on the the aircraft for which you are making an event. Simply select as many squawks as you want. They are grouped by their status (Pending, In Progress, and Complete.)

Assigning Tracking Items

The set of tracking items you can assign to an aircraft event will depend on the the aircraft for which you are making an event. Simply type to search for a tracking item from your current list.

Editing, Moving, and Dragging Events

Easily edit any event by just clicking on it! Want to move it to another day? Just click and drag it!

Want to move it to a different time slot? Use the week or day view, and then drag it as needed. You can also extend or reduce the end time from the week or day view:

Deleting Events

To delete an event, click on it and click the Remove button.

Accessing Older Events

In order to make the scheduler load faster, we exclude events older than 30 days from now. In some instances, you may need to see those events. To do this, simply check the Show Older Events check box and then click the Refresh button:

List All Events

Sometimes it's nice to see all of your loaded events in a list. This can be especially useful if you are having trouble finding an event because it's in an unknown month. Simply click the Show List button:

From there, you can click on any event to instantly jump to it. Notice they are conveniently ordered chronologically, color coded per our color key, and you can adjust the number of columns:

{primary} The list of events purposely hides the bulk of the information of an event (such as the description and notes) in order to save room on the display. Certain criteria, if set, will be shown. One such example is assigned users.

Color Key

To make it easier to read your scheduler, we use color coding to indicate what an event is:

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