Create Squawks

When creating a squawk, start by adding a Title, Prioty and Status. Take it further by including any of:


  • Description
  • Images/videos
  • Parts (from Aircraft Spruce)
  • Messages
  • Invitations
  • Scheduling

Here's an example of creating a squawk rich with information:

{success} Notice we can invite someone who already has access to our airplane on PLANELOGIX, someone who doesn't have an account (just provide their email address), or both!

{primary} Want your squawk to remain private and only visible to you? Set it to private so no one can ever see it.

Review Squawks

As with all data in PLANELOGIX, you can track and review your squawks using handy search and filter functions. Simply click Active Squawks at the top of the Squawk module:

{success} Need to edit or add more images and parts? Just click the icons to the right! We explain invitations, messaging, and scheduling in more detail below.


From your home page you can see an interactive doughnut chart.

You can click on the different keys to hide/show that key, and you can click the status buttons to bring up all the squawks with that status.

This is the view you would get from clicking Pending:


You can share your squawk with anyone in the system that you invited, or by inputting an email address (the system will email them), or just by clicking a link. We show how to do the first two from the create squawk section, but you can do all three from the review section by clicking the envelope icon:

From there you can send the invite to a user you have invited (Notify), send it off via email (Invite via Email), or just Copy Link to share wherever/however you want. If you Notify or Inivte via Email, the system keeps track of that, noting the most recent time you notified/emailed the same person.

Guest users will have a nice view of your squawk where they can see the details about the squawk, review your images/videos (and add more), review and buy your parts you need or suggest from Aircraft Spruce (and add more), and message with you.


You can message back and forth (in real time) from within your squawk. From the review section of the Squawk manager, click the message icon:
Or from the public view, click the Messages tab:
Messages are ordered chronologically by user. Where possible, we provide information on who said what. If you share the link, we cannot know who you shared it with so we put Guest. Here's an example of a three-way conversation.


You can schedule squawks for any number of events. This means you can easily schedule the squawk for a visit to the shop (Maintenance), examination on the ground (Ground Work), or a flight test (Flight). Simply click the calendar icon to create a new event or click on an existing event to edit it. Events will show up back on the scheduler page too!
Scheduled events will display as read only on the public view:

Linking to Maintenance Records

You can link your squawks to maintenance records to have a trail for completion. Doing so will automatically set the squawk status to Complete. You can do this directly from the maintenance record grid:

From that modal you can easily link and remove squawks to and from the maintenance entry:

Squawks that are linked will be marked as such via the presence of a logbook button. You can see this by going into your squawk module, selecting Active Squawks, show completed, and clicking the blue logbook button:

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