Our system allows you to track virtually any item on your airplane, whether it be a part, inspection, or software. Many items are already built into the system, so you can easily add them. Some even have predefined intervals to save you time!

{success} Before you begin, we recommend you first try adding PLANELOGIX recommended items directly from the logbook page!


Understanding our indicators is a crucial step to getting a handle on this module. It's easy once you get it, but it might be worth reading this to make sure it's all clear. Once you have it down, you will find it much easier to wrap your head around all of your due items.

Our handy indicators can be found on the home page or the tracking item page:

Basically, when you track items on an aircraft, you set intervals, or thresholds of comfort, for when those items are coming due. For instance, let's say you like to do an oil change every 50 hours. Further say that when you are 15 hours out, you like to know you're getting closer, 10 hours out, you're getting closer still, and 5 hours or less it requires attention and is possibly overdue (some people don't like the idea of having less than 5 hours of flight time available before they are past due on something). Translating this to our site, that would be "Within consideration", "Nearing due", and "Overdue", respectively. Put another way, when you are within 15 hours of the scheduled oil change, you the item will be Within consideration, 10 hours out it will be Nearing due, and 5 hours or less (even negative/past due) it will be Nearing/Is Overdue. If your oil change is more than 15 hours out, in this example, it will be green, or Outside due intervals.

{info} Items within the Requires Attention are unable to be tracked for various reasons. It could be that the TTAF is not set, so it does not have a baseline from which to make a calculation. Or, the intervals and TTAF are set, but the item is not linked to a maintenance record, so the system cannot determine last done date, and therefore cannot say when it is next due.

{primary} When on the Tracking Items page, click any of those indicator boxes to instantly filter the page accordingly!

Finally, one extra concept we added to tracking items are non-tracked items. This might be an AD that was previously complied with or is not applicable, for example. It's nice to have there for quick reference so you don't forget why you cannot find a maintenance record indicating work done to comply with it and end up doing the research on that AD over and over.

{success} Want your due items to only be marked as Overdue when they are actually due? Just set the Overdue Interval Value to 0! See more about intervals here.

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