Overview Editing, Adding, and De-Activating Clients and Aircraft


The home page displays all of your customers. A customer may own multiple aircraft, which you can access from here.

Adding/Editing/De-Activating Clients

Using the grid on this page, you can Add New Client to set up a new customer relationship. The form that follows is self-explanatory, and the more data you can input, the better the experience will be for you when working with this client on the platform.

In order to edit, you can click the "pencil" icon underneath the Actions column. By design, you are not able to remove/delete clients. This is so the system can allow you to retrieve historical data that pertains to clients that may not be regularly with you anymore, or in other words, are maybe inactive. Therefore, you can set a client to inactive if you no longer to business with them. Do this from the edit page.

Adding/Editing Aircraft

From the home page grid, click the "aircraft" icon corresponding to the customer you wish to work on:

From there, you may create a new aircraft, or edit existing aircraft. Once you have added an aircraft, you need to add the logbooks for that aircraft. It is mostly self-explanatory, but more detailed instructions may be found here. For historical data integrity reasons, aircraft cannot be removed.

In this section, you can directly access various key functionality within our platform that would be relevant to the aircraft you are focusing on. For instance, if you wish to quickly generate a quote for this aircraft, you can click Generate Quote:

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