Customer Owned/Internal Parts


Sometimes you may do work on customer owned parts, or "internal" parts. Either way, these parts share one important common charactersitic: they are not entered into your inventory, and therefore not found in the inventory master. Put another way, these are not parts you hold in stock or maintain and quantity levels for. You also do not purchase them. Let's go over some use case examples.

1) Your customer has a part that needs to be overhauled or worked on in some way. You do not do this work, so you send it out as part of a sublet order. By entering the partQuarantined Parts in your internal parts, you can reference this part when you go to create a sublet order on the discrepancy.


2) Your customer has a part, such as brakes, which you can refurbish/overhaul (meaning you are an MRO who generates FAA 8130s). You use some parts, perhaps from a previous, older set of brakes from another customer, to complete this task. To do this, add those parts to this internal list for reference later in your internal work order discrepancy.

You can access this functionality where you can add internal or customer owned parts here.

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