Overview and Quick Start

MRO Platform

We have developed a full-fledged MRO (Maintenance Repair Operation, i.e. a maintenance shop) platform alongside a Part 145 MRO and a premiere Cirrus Service Center that was one of the first to receive the Vision Jet. It's incredibly powerful, built on the latest technology stack, and seamlessly integrates with our Aircraft Owner side of the app.

{info.fa-envelope-open-text} It is currently in beta and you can sign up immediately from our home page. Or, if you would like a PLANELOGIX representative to reach out to you to discuss our capabilities further, please provide your email address.

Quick Start

Getting started quickly with our platform can be done in a few easy steps:
1) Set up your shop's business information including:

  • Focusing on the red section in your individual shop site(s) settings, which in this case woudl be Demo Shop:

  • You will want to update your shop's email, CRS # (if applicable), Max Consumables (if applicable), whether or not your services, parts and labor taxable, tax rates for your shop (at a minimum you want to enter in a Tax Rate), and your shop's billing rates (at a minimum, enter in a All rate).
  • Within that same page, you will want to add your shop's address and phone number in the blue Update Payment Method and Address section (don't worry, payment method is not required right now).

2) You may want to add staff to your roster. You can follow the read this section of the documentation for more information.

3) You will likely want to add some inventory to the system if you plan on doing any work that requires installing parts or rendering services. You can read more about adding inventory here.

4) The system will help you be quicker and faster with everything you do. In that light, you may wish to add some sign off stamps and squawks.

5) If you plan to use tools in your discrepancies, it is a good idea to add those now.

6) Ok, time to add your clients and their aircraft! If they are on our system already, all you need to do is add the client with the same email address they used to register with our platform. If you are unsure, you can contact us and we can give you the email address to use.

7) You're ready! You can begin generating your first quote. Learn more about how to do that here.

Using These Docs

These docs are meant to help guide you through our platform. On the left hand side, you can see the sidebar which has a table of contents. On the right hand side, you can see sections you can jump to within the area you selected from the table of contents.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Action
/ Toggle SideBar
s Toggle Search Box
t Scroll to Top
b Scroll to Bottom


When logged in, at the top of every page (including this one), you will see Feedback about this page? which you can use to instantly submit any feedback you may have. We will know what page you're on and who you are, so feel free to make it quick and to the point! If you need to send us screenshots or other attachments, for now, please use our email address scans@planelogix.com. Similarly, we can place who you are based on your email so you can save yourself the need to introduce yourself - we already know each other 😉.

With that said, please provide us feedback! We listen to and consider everything our customers tell us - it's how we got to where we are today! 🍻

Using the Platform

The platform is broken down into two views; the left-hand menu and the main screen:

Diving deeper, you can use 1 to toggle the side bar, 2 to change the shop site you are working on (in the event you have multiple), 3 to navigate to different modules, and 4 to work on the module you currently have selected:

Throughout our modules you will find "grids", or data tables. All grids have similar functionality and behavior. If you see a green plus icon on a row, it means you can drill into that row to see more information:

If you want to edit or effect a row, you need to make sure the given row is selected. You can then use the buttons at the top of the grid. Remember: if you are looking at a sub grid, you want to focus on the buttons for that sub grid. Here's an example where the buttons above the green line correspond to the row with the green arrow, the buttons above the red line correspond to the row with the red arrow, and so on:

Every top level grid will have a Refresh button which you can use to reload the data for that table, saving you the need to have to reload the entire page (which is slower):

{info}Some subgrids will not have this Refresh button. In that case, you can simply toggle the minus/plus icon you use to view the sub grid. This will result in getting fresh data from the server for that sub grid, without having to refresh your entire page.

Many grids will also have filters you can use to quickly filter your data:

{success} When you see a select drop down that allows you to type, that means you can search in the selector to find an option you need!

If you want to search for something within a grid, simply type into the Search box! This can be particularly helpful with maintenance record searching!

Recommended Browser

We do our best to make our web app compatible with as many browsers as possible. Still, it's unrealistic for even publicly traded multi-billion dollar companies to have complete coverage. Take LinkedIn, for instance, who is owned by Microsoft and announced they are no longer supporting Microsoft's own Internet Explorer.

We develop and test 100% of our features in Google Chrome, using the latest version. We also test (though a little less rigorously) in Safari, FireFox, Opera, and more. The only browsers we specifically do not support are Internet Explorer and Edge.

If you're still reading this, you might find it interesting why we don't support Internet Explorer. It's because that browser is so old, it doesn't know the concept of a promise. We won't go into explaining what a promise is here since it's out of scope for the purpose of these docs, but those who are code geeks like us should understand the significance of that. For those who aren't, it's like expecting our web app to work on Netscape.

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