MRO Platform

We have developed a full-fledged MRO (Maintenance Repair Operation, i.e. a maintenance shop) platform alongside a Part 145 MRO and a premiere Cirrus Service Center that was one of the first to receive the Vision Jet. It's incredibly powerful, built on the latest technology stack, and seamlessly integrates with our Aircraft Owner side of the app.

{success} Some key features of our platform

  • Multiple Site Location Support
  • Work Order Management
  • Disrepancy/Task Creation and Templating
  • Work Order/Task Document Management
  • Discrepancy/Task Checklists
  • Internal Staff Messaging
  • Maintenance Record Generation
  • E-Signatures
  • Maintenance Tracking (Forecast Customer Needs)
  • Inventory Management (including part serialization and barcoding)
  • Invoicing/Quoting
  • Fully Customizable User Roles and Access Levels
  • Tool Management/Calibration
  • Tool Attachment to Discrepancies/Tasks
  • Mechanic Activity/Timeclock
  • Reusable and Customizable Sign-Off Stamps (both shop site and mechanic specific)
  • Payroll Tracking
  • Sublet Order Management
  • Warranty Management
  • And much, much more...
Made with in Carrboro, NC PLANELOGIX Version 1.3.01