Staff and Payroll


The Staff and Pay Roll page is where you can add, edit, remove, and review your staff. You can also review payroll history and view/export that payroll history in ways that are designed to help you enter times into popular payroll providers, such as ADP.


An important and powerful feature in our system is completely customizable Roles defined by CRUDs (Create, Read, Update, Delete rules). By default, when you create or edit a staff member, you may add user defined roles including Admin, Admin Assistant, Chief Inspector, Local Admin, Mechanic, Sales Assistant, Salesperson, and Staff. You can view which resources these roles will have access to by going to User Roles where you can also create new, custom roles.

{warning} For users who are granted multiple roles, the role with the highest permissions will be adopted. For instance, if you provide a user the role Salesperson which has very limited access and also give them Admin access, they will be able to do everything an Admin can do, which is to say, everything.

Payroll History

You can easily retrieve and download payroll history by entering in From and To dates, or selecting a Pay Period. Pay Periods must be predefined by you, but can also be auto generated if you tell the system how you like to define your pay periods.

In addition to viewing history, you can also edit time periods (useful in the case a mechanic forgot to clock out or in), and time period activities. To access the activities, click the green plus icon next to the name:

Pay Periods

For Colorado and California only (please contact us if you require this in your state), the system can generate accurate time breakdowns by pay periods. When running this, click Yes to daily level data to be presented this second table Day Pay Roll Details:

You can also post pay periods from this section by selecting the rows you wish to post and clicking the green Post button.

Posted Payroll

You may access the historical reference to posted pay roll here. You can search for records using date ranges or pay periods, or paid dates. You can revert/void posted payroll from here as well.

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