Staff and Payroll


The User Roles page is where you can add, edit, remove, and review your user roles. There are roles that are defined by the system which you may not alter. However, you can use duplicate those roles and then edit the duplicated version in any way you wish.


The list of roles has a green plus icon which you may use to drill in and see all the resource definitions for the given role. Each role also lists which users have that role. You can use the search box to find a specific user or users.

When you click the green plus icon to drill in, you can add and edit those resources if it is not a PLANELOGIX generated role. This is how you can define what a role really is. For instance, want to create a role that only lets the user view (read-only) the Stats page? You would create the role (in this case Demo) and then add this Resource:

Which would then look like this once saved:

{info} If a user does not have the read access to a resource, they not only will not be able to see the side menu for it (if the side menu button is applicable), but they will also be blocked from viewing said resource upon manually navigating (i.e. entering in the URL) to it.

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