Work Order Overview


There are two types of work orders that our system lets you make:

  • Internal
  • Regular

Internal work orders are those that you never intend to charge anyone for the work done in that order. Examples of internal work orders are (but not limited to):

  • Doing work in your shop, for your shop. Perhaps reconditioning brakes that you can later resell. Obviously, you would not want to charge yourself for this work since you are doing it for your own benefit.
  • Doing work against an aircraft that is owned by your shop or facility. Sometimes MROs own their own aircraft, and if so, you certainly would not want to charge themselves for their own work they do on said aircraft.
  • Doing free work on a customer aircraft. Keep in mind, regular work orders allow you to set up discrepancies that are free to the customer, but sometimes you may wish to do an entire work order without charging the customer for anything.

Regular work orders are, perhaps, more straight forward and common. They are work you intend to do for profit against a customer's aircraft. To access regular work orders, you must go to the client's aircraft page first where you can access Work Orders and more through the aircraft. You can read more about accessing that page here.

To access internal work orders, you would click on Internal Work Orders underneath Work Orders/Quotations on the left hand side menu:

Next you are prompted with who you would like to make this internal work order against. You can pick any aircraft in your system or you can pick any shop site you own and have on the system:

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