Squawks and Templates


The Squawks page lets you set up squawks you will routinely use throughout operations. For instance, an annual inspection or FAR 91.411 are use cases where you can set up a squawk once and never have to enter the data in again. You can even tell the system what it should say on a maintenance record, what checklist items should be auto included on your work order, which makes, models, and serial numbers your squawk applies to, which other squawks should apply to a parent squawk, and more. Here's an example of a demo squawk with all of the fixings:


Just as a single squawk is nice to have to be able to quickly add it later to any quote, even nicer to have are templates which can comprise any number of squawks. An obvious template might be an annual for a particular make/model of an airplane. There are certain, specific steps you should take, and templating them will mean you don't have to worry about re-creating those steps with each annual.

You can then later import your templates into your quote:

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